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Pancreatin is a porcine-derived enzyme manufactured by ALI and contains protease, amylase and lipase for the breakdown of proteins, starches and fats, respectively. Pancreatin is an ingredient for food processing as well as digestive health in the human and pet nutrition markets. ALI manufactures various potencies of pancreatin and pancreatin-based products.

Standard Products

  • Pancreatin 1 X, 4 X, 6 X, 8 X, 10 X

  • Pancreatin Full Strength

  • Pancrelipase

  • Diastase 1:25 (Amylase)

  • Lipase 8, 24, 30

  • Trypsin

  • Panc-Zyme®

  • Chymotrypsin

For inquiries, please email us at

 or call 402-858-2612

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